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Triumph Over Lyme Disease: Alternative Treatment Brings Hope to a Family

Triumph Over Lyme Disease: Experimental Treatment Brings Hope to a Family, by Tery Drobnick. Photograph of the author rowing crew on the Petaluma River.
Once debilitated by Lyme disease, Teri Drobnick finally reclaims her life; here, during an early morning practice for competitive rowing on the Petaluma River

After years struggling with the pain and suffering of Lyme Disease, a family finds relief and remission by traveling to Germany for alternative photon treatments.

I was convinced my oldest daughter had a brain tumor. 

She was only eight when the headaches started. Our pediatrician was casual about the situation, implying her headaches may have been stress-induced. “How’s everything on the home front?”  I assured him everything was fine at home. He stated the headaches would go away on their own. 

They didn’t. 

We searched for answers from one doctor to the next. I quit my job as a Medical Social Worker to focus on medical appointments and headache research. My daughter was evaluated at UCSF by the Director of Pediatric Neurology when she was  given a diagnosis: Chronic

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