Private by Nature

parking lot was packed. Over a dozen cars were sardined in, with more in the overflow lot 100 yards down the road. My heart sank. This was not what I’d expected when I planned a family-and-friends backpacking trip in California’s Trinity Alps last summer. I wanted to bring the crew to one of my favorite childhood lakes, and I had

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Boil Battle
There’s no quicker way to dinner than with the Power Trail. It boiled water for a group of four in a flash, and its best-in-test simmer control delivered perfectly sautéed veggies at 9,000 feet in Colorado’s Sawatch Range. The stove’s 6-inch-wide arm
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13. Whispers On The Wind
THE WIND PLAYS Afton State Park like an instrument. The music begins at the start of this 11.1-mile loop, when the summer breeze rustles through the leaves of oak, aspen, and hickory above the trail. When I step into the prairie, the whispers follow
Backpacker19 min read
Epitaph In The Sky
WE WERE ON A CROSS-COUNTRY ROUTE, ascending a gentle gully, when Rick Sanger—or “Ranger Rick,” as he was known for nearly two decades in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks—bolted past me in a full sprint. His elbows were pumping, his boots were