orget sourdough and Silicon Valley: Greater San Francisco’s most valuable treasure is its 80,000-acre necklace of wildflower-spotted hills, miles-long beaches, and oceanside bluffs. Stretching from Tomales Bay in the north to the redwood groves southwest of the Bay—with the Golden Gate Bridge smack in the middle—the chain of public land offers everything from quick lunchtime treks to campsites so quiet you’ll forget you could be back

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4. Hidden Wonders
When most other long trail systems are in hibernation, Florida’s premier path is coming into prime time. Stretching over 1,000 miles from the cypress forests of the Everglades to the sandy Gulf Coast beaches of Pensacola, the Florida Trail runs the g
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2. Feliz Belize
ONLY SIX MILES into the 28-mile, three -day out-and-back to the spiritual high point of Belize, I spot a solitary paw print. Four oval toes above a broad base nearly 5 inches wide—could it really be the sign of a jaguar, so early in the hike? I call
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Mindfulness On The Trail
Many people hike to reduce stress, but that can be hard when your inner monologue runs rampant. This exercise helps you remain focused in the present. Incorporate these drills while you walk. Duration: 15 to 20 minutes per step 1. Turn your attention