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4. Desert Varnish
THE INSIDER The uncharted territory of the Ironwood Forest drew Gary Borax from mile one. A decade ago, he started exploring the monument and hasn’t stopped. Borax quickly learned the lay of the land, even though there weren’t any hikers’ maps. In th
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13. Cliffside Traverse
IT’S NOT THE climbing that takes my breath away. It’s the way that the trail, enclosed by northern hardwoods for miles, suddenly pops out above them, and there it is: every peak, valley, and forested hill in the Pemigewasset Wilderness, with the summ
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Can-Do Attitude
“Some friends and I polished off a 12-pack of beer while camping near a creek in a national park. We left the empties on the bank and went to bed. Torrential rain fell during the night, causing the creek to rise. I woke up to find all of the cans had