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Sherry shift

NASA briefly entertained the idea of sending sherry to space in an effort to improve the purportedly inedible space rations. Plans were shelved after a flurry of angry letters from the public. Since then,

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Back To The Future
FOOD TRENDS are like whodunnits, predictable to some, totally baffling to others. And in my world of metaphors, Abigail Donnelly is the Miss Marple of food trends – just with Hercule Poirot’s sense of style. Back in October I was about to leave for N
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Trend Watch
Will wine in a can take off in 2020? It’s trending in Europe but although it’s made its way to SA (Vinette and Uncanny are new local products) I don’t know that we’re ready. It’s convenient for storing and transporting, and people say it’s environme
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Winning Reader
I absolutely loved making this delicious creation of yours in time for the Rugby World Cup final against England (far right). I thought that the jelly would be quite random but decided to make it for the gees. I was overjoyed at how delicious it was