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“This cake is delicious with a dollop of thick Greek yoghurt, a perfect cup of tea and a couch to curl up on”
– Hannah Lewry
“My mom taught me to bake this when I was seven years old for my Brownies baking badge. She loved to bake”
– Yvette Samaai


“My nana was an excellent baker. We’d often bake together using just a wooden spoon and a Mason mixing bowl, which I still have today and use to serve my salads. Baking was a weekly ritual; sometimes even twice a week. My nan would leave the butter out in the sun to soften and we’d sit together on her swing chair next to the pool and take turns creaming the butter and sugar. (I once sat on the canvas deckchair and beat so hard that the canvas tore and I fell onto the grass. But I saved the bowl!) My inspiration for this cake is the incredible sponge cakes she made. I often make this one using the scraps of leftover yoghurt the kids leave in the fridge. It’s a bit denser than her featherlight cakes, and the frosting is inspired by her favourite dessert – strawberries and cream. She used to sprinkle strawberries with caster sugar and leave them in the fridge

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