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Dan Weiderer: Bears' unorthodox kicker competition begins Friday with an emphasis on pressure

Forgive me for a second. I'm trying to get the list together of all the kickers the Bears have invited to the next phase of Kicker Search 2019.

There's Redford Jones and Chris Blewitt. Check.

Plus Elliott Fry and John Baron II. OK.

Those four are under contract.

Casey Bendarski from Minnesota State has an invitation to rookie camp this week as a tryout player. Same apparently goes for Minnesota's Emmit Carpenter, Purdue's Spencer Evans and McNeese State's Alex Kjellsten.

Are we missing anyone?

The lost Gramatica brother?

Karl-Heinz Granitza?

Charlie Brown?

Come one, come all.

"Maybe it's a little unorthodox to have four kickers out there," Bears general manager Ryan Pace said after

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