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1 Rich & Fudgy Almond Flour Brownies

founder Katlin Smith started following a gluten- and additive-free diet to alleviate years of aches and pains and fatigue. When she couldn’t find any baking mixes to suit her eating

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Better Nutrition1 min readFood & Wine
TOP 12 Produce Pesticide Sources
If you know which fruits and vegetables are top sources of pesticides, you can make it a priority to buy organic versions. Every year, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) ranks levels of pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables, using data from
Better Nutrition1 min readPsychology
“Let Go” of Stress
* Talk out your feelings with a trusted friend. This works like a charm for a few of my clients: When they express their worries and have emotionally supportive conversations with a person on their side, their emotional upset eases and tight muscles
Better Nutrition1 min read
What About Hormones?
In the interest of full transparency, I’ve been on hormone replacement therapy—medically supervised by the oldest and largest age-management medical practice in the country—since 1999. I know that very few health “gurus” or “personalities” like to ta