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Next generation of off-roaders

Man, oh man, judging by what was launched at this year’s Caravan, Camp & Destination Show in Gauteng, the off-road caravan has well and truly come of age.

Not only are they highly desirable in appearance, they have also reached the next level of technology and sophistication, one that now distinguishes the “haves” from the “have nots”.

It’s the same difference as between dating a model or the girl next door, the difference between making your potjie in a cheap aluminium pot or a proper, seasoned cast iron one.

Sure, they all get the job done, but down at heart you know what you would rather have!

Off-road caravans have become aggressively colorful, some have macho double axles and matt black mag wheels, shock absorbers, air suspension, independent suspension, slide-out bedrooms with windows to watch Mother Nature, insane interior comfort from TV's to air conditioning, hot showers… the list is

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