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ground clearance and two-wheel drivetrains could not.

The other issue was that most truck chassis-based motorhomes are usually only homologated for a driver and one other person, so unless you purchase a double cab truck on a big price tag, where do the children travel legally?

Then they came across this game viewer body at a truck yard and decided to project manage a build themselves. When Gustav & Annelise Marais came across an all-aluminium game viewer body, built by reputable manufacturer Alu-Cab, they knew they had found the perfect truck body for their family motorhome!

The Marais had been dreaming of owning a motorhome for years, but the cost of these vehicles are high, and to add to their challenge they wanted a 4x4-capable motorhome to be able

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1) I have a Sprite Tourer SW and when I store it I jack up the caravan with all four jacks so all the tyres are off the ground. I have been told this is a no-no, as the jacks are only to level the caravan and not to raise it off the ground. At some c