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The First Ultralight
That Friday was about to rain in the outskirts of Paris on September 17, 1909. But bad weather has not intimidated Alberto Santos Dumont, who has decided to continue the flight routine in his improvised airdrome in the lawns of Saint Cyr near Versail
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What Is To Be Expected From Business Aviation?
This segment is becoming so popular that a special area was dedicated to it in the fair. Vertical takeoff and landing electrical aircrafts (eVTOL) have become a major focus for companies like Uber, for example, which was recently associated to Signat
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At What Speed Is My Aircraft Flying ?
One of the main objectives of the aeronautical industry is the search for higher and higher speeds. After all, the time saved in a trip can be used in other more productive or pleasant activities. However, when it comes to measure how fast their mach