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andscape photography is all around us, and we are incredibly fortunate to live in such a diverse country, with beautiful and easy-to-access locations all around us. This isn’t always a positive, as it can lead to overcrowding at some of the more popular photo hotspots. This can leave us feeling a little unfulfilled when the images we capture don’t feel all that special

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Digital Camera World3 min read
Long-exposure Water Streaks
Seascape photography is one of the most enjoyable sub-genres within landscape photography. Photographing the ocean is dynamic and exciting as we dodge the breaking waves, shield our cameras from sea spray and chase the ever shifting tide. Coastal pho
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Wild At Heart: From Bedfordshire To Brazil With Olympus Gear
Professional photographers don’t always start shooting their specialist subjects from the moment they pick up a camera – and they don’t always take to their future specialisms like fish to water. “I started wildlife photography rather late in life, a
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Moon Landscape
With the 50th anniversary of the moon landing (20th July 1969) having just taken place, we thought it would be fitting to share some top tips on how to shoot the moon in a landscape setting. Alex Nail took this shot of a full moon at Great Staple Tor