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Make a signature brush

dding a signature to a work of art has been standard practice for centuries, but digital artwork presents the problem that the original can’t be signed with a pen in the time-honoured way. Unless you have a pen tablet and can

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Pros And Cons
Pro: Use ‘any’ lens Although there may be some restrictions, IBIS can stabilise virtually any lens that doesn’t form when of you stabilisation. Pro: Performance boost Some IBIS can be enhanced by stabilised lenses; the Olympus stops of stability with
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Creative Close-ups
Macro photography and flowers are like two peas in a pod! The two together just simply make sense. Flowers are incredibly intricate and detailed when you view them from a close perspective, and the variety of bold bright colours they provide makes th
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Why Does Jpeg Look Better Straight Out Of Camera?
JPEGs often look initially look better than raws because they are enhanced, sharpened and saturated in-camera to give you something approaching the finished image. As such, they’re meant for those who are happy to let their camera make decisions for