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Oh My Gourd
Gourds are squash-like vegetables but they’re not grown to be eaten. Although you can eat them when they’re small, as they grow and mature they become bitter. Rather than being grown as an edible vegetable, this long, hard fruit is grown to be used.
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Don't Miss A Beat
June saw the winners of the 2019 Queensland Landscape Architecture Awards announced by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA). Recognising 20 winners across 12 categories, including five Awards of Excellence and four Regional Achieve
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Get Your Organic Fruit Fix Straight From The Backyard With Your Very Own Plants
Have you ever gone fruit picking? The joy of picking ripe, straight-off-the-tree fruit to enjoy over the coming weeks is a delightful experience. Next time, don’t just take home the fruit — take home a tree! PlantNet offers an exclusive range of frui