A show-stopping lawn requires a huge effort. Don’t invest in the wrong fit!

Having a lush green lawn is basically the Australian dream. With weekend barbecues and kids’ parties on the go, and that feeling of walking around barefoot on the grass, the benefits of having

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Healthy Soils, Healthy Plants, Healthy People
The challenge all gardeners face is trying to grow gardens in tired, depleted soils. It doesn’t matter if it’s sand, clay, rock or silt, if there is no life in the soil, the plants will always be dependent on a gardener to keep them alive. Nature has
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Book Club
It can be hard enough making another person love you, let alone a plant! Summer is an urban houseplant expert and environmental scientist, renowned as an icon of wellness-minded millennials who want to bring nature indoors. She has managed to grow 10
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The Makers
Focal points don’t have to stand loud and proud. In fact, when it comes to the placement of sculpture and art, it can be all the more effective when nestled within a garden bed or placed in front of a vine-clad wall that provides a backdrop and textu