The Classic MotorCycle

The twilight zone

I know I’m not alone in hitting obstacles when putting a motorcycle together, and choosing to assemble a pile of largely unrelated parts maybe wasn’t the best idea in the world, but there was a determination to prove building something classic on a budget could still be done.

As the stock of available parts in the scene is reducing rapidly, I knew it would involve a lot of work. Parts which at one time would have been discarded have now become desirable and as such have been increasing in price for a long time. There are still finds at autojumbles, it’s just the finds are no longer priced at a few quid.

The hub and brake plate I picked up at Telford as ‘bare’ (meaning all I got for my money was the hub casting and brake plate with

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Bike Night–Jacks Hill Cafe. Jacks Hill Cafe, A5 Watling Street, Towcester, Northants, NN12 8ET. Tel 01327 351350. Email The Carole Nash Eurojumble. Ringwood Road, Netley Marsh, between Cadnam and T