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Installing A Rub Rail
A rub rail hides the joint between a boat’s deck and hull, thus accentuating the sheerline. On a practical note, it serves as a buffer between the boat and pilings, seawalls and other objects. Hence the name, rub rail. With enough bumps and scrapes,
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Marine Transmission Care Tips
EYEBALL Look for signs of leaks running down the case. Are any seals sweating? If so, have a pro look at it or affect repairs. Also check to see if there is any sign of water dripping or leaking onto the transmission housing itself, which could cause
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WHAT ARE COMMON MISTAKES THAT VHF RADIO OPERATORS MAKE? Here are a few of my electronics pet peeves. Listen before you talk. It is amateurish to talk on a channel when a conversation is already in progress. Wait until the other parties have ended the