Q&A: NPR's First "Future Correspondent", Elise Hu of Future You

Future You with Elise Hu is a our new monthly video series exploring how today's emerging science is changing what it means to be human.
Elise Hu, of Future You getting a brain bonnet adjusted to discover how brains directly interact with each other Source: NPR

You may recognize Elise from her Gracie award winning video series "Elise Tries" where she seeks out different experiences all across East Asia, from k-pop to pore vacuuming. Now, she's NPR's first "future correspondent" exploring how technology is changing what it means to be human.

Before going to Seoul, you covered the intersection of technology and culture. You are now NPR's first "future correspondent" — what does that mean? Did your work in Asia prepare you to spot trends of the future?

It's inexact, of course,

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