Summer-Vegetable Tempura

“If you fry and serve vegetable tempura as you go, everyone can enjoy hot, crispy bites as they come out of the oil—even the cook.”


Total: 1 hr. 45 min.

This recipe is for classic tempura and kakiage, a fritterlike dish with a slightly thinner batter. Never chill tempura batter or its components—it will cool down the frying oil and disturb the process. Skim out errant pieces of batter as you fry, and cook the vegetables in the order indicated; leftover sugars in the oil can cause burning.

For the batters:

1 large egg, at room temperature
1⅓ cups (5⅛ oz.) cake flour, sifted

For the vegetables:

16 medium2 small eggplants (7 oz. total)40 thin green beans (6 oz.), trimmed½ small kabocha squash (1 lb.), halved again lengthwise1⅔ cups fresh corn kernels, cut from 3 cobs, or substitute one 15-oz. can, drained

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