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Tech Is No Match for Human Grossness

Silver-infused linens may kill microbes, but there’s no way to avoid doing your laundry.
Source: Ryan McVay / Getty

The spectrum of human joy includes some truly depraved activities, so someone out there must enjoy laundering bed linens, or even towels. Evidence suggests that person’s in the minority: Dirty bedrooms and wet towels on the floor are canonical parental grievances. Store shelves are lined with products that promise to make doing laundry more effective and less time-consuming. Consumers pay top dollar for front-loading washers that let them stuff more things into a single load so they can just get it over with.

Cleaning, in general, isn’t most Americans’ . When it’s divvied up sloppily, it can do to the health of a marriage. Many Americans under the necessity of balancing their job, their family, and daily household and personal maintenance. For the most part, the only way to opt out is to pay someone else

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