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Celeb Yoga

From politics to fashion to cinema to sport, celebs talk of the wonders that asanas bring to the body and mind.

Malaika Arora, Actor

I wasn't a very spiritual person. With yoga, that's changed. I am able to connect with myself and be by myself. Your mind can be all over the place with kids and work but yoga makes you a calmer person.

I started five years ago to deal with a hamstring injury I had sustained while dancing. I wanted to do something that would be a little less aggressive on my body. What I love about yoga is that it is such an internal way of looking at health. It's not superficial as in developing some abs and muscles.

The healing and goodness of yoga is for everybody to see. From a five-year-old to an 85-year-old, all can avail the benefits of yoga. The good thing is that once you know the basics, you can always do it on your own. All you need is some space and an open window.

On my travels, I am amazed to see how far yoga has reached. There are yoga retreats across the world. Earlier it was a niche. Now if you go to Hyde Park or Venice Beach,

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