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The politics of money

The role of money in politics is an issue everyone has an opinion about despite having none of the facts. The reason quite simply is that political funding in India is opaque and thus unobservable, despite the enhanced scrutiny of candidates' expenditures exerted by the Election Commission. Political funding in India does not lack transparency. It has

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The Pit Stop at Madrid
Two issues-carbon credits and funding to deal with the loss and damage caused by climate change-will dominate proceedings at the ongoing 25th Conference of the Parties (COP) in Madrid, Spain. Hovering over the COP are larger questions-the deep cuts i
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A Shot In The Dark?
A move that the NDA government says will help reduce firearm crimes in India predictably has licensed gun owners up in arms. The Centre's proposal to reduce the number of firearms that an individual can own from the current maximum of three to just o
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Wormwood and Gall
It's depressingly familiar. She sounds like she was a lovely person-a scooter-riding veterinarian, just what I wanted to be when I was a little girl. Now she is dead; raped and killed, her burnt body left under a culvert off National Highway 44. The