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We want to shape culture: Anita Lal

Anita and Simran Lal have been seeding ideas, bridging the past and present, and giving Indian heritage a leg up through their defining luxury design brand Good Earth since 1996.

The toilet seat is often a place to ponder over life's big and small dilemmas, but you know that you are sitting on one at a special place when you inadvertently look up and find a slab of glass that's open to sky, allowing the thick foliage and shimmery sun to peek into this private space. We are at a farm in Delhi's Chattarpur area that luxury retail brand Good Earth calls its office space and glass silos let in ample light as young, energetic teams work hard on creating the next successful collection under the watchful eye of founder Anita Lal,, 70, Creative Director, and her daughter Simran Lal,47, who has been the brand's CEO since 2012.

The luxury home decor and lifestyle brand, which was founded in 1996 by Anita Lal has, in the last 23 years, grown to represent the changing idea of India and its historic past that makes it what it is today. In a cluttered market where you need to scream to be heard, Good Earth's way is to be slow, even languorous. While the While Good Earth is essentially a luxury home decor brand, over the last few years their business has grown to include apparel under the label Sustain. They also have a crockery range, linen, bedding, a children's range, and wellness oils. More recently they also launched a historic colouring book for adults and have commissioned stories for children that are rooted in India.

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