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7 most powerful warriors

7 women who don't take no for an answer, are go-getters and always up for challenges.

On a Crusade
Trisha Shetty 27

Social Activist and Founder, SheSays, US

Being a woman means: To me, it means exercising my agency and autonomy to demand equality for all. It means refusing to minimise myself and my voice to suit other narratives. It means being an unapologetic feminist.

Power is: The ability to influence thought and action and mobilise people at large for social good.

Your role model and source of inspiration: My young team who show up to work every day despite the emotional toll that our line of work takes. They do it for the cause, for equality, for the survivors and families that we serve. They inspire me to be better and do better. I am also endlessly inspired by the resilience of survivors and their families.

What you like and don't like about your work: My work is an extension of me. Everyday I get to engage with feminists, activists and survivors across all sectors from whom I have learned and unlearned so much. At the same time, my job exposes me to the worst of humanity which plays a toll on my mental health and well-being.

Work mantra: With my

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