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Where is the love: 62 per cent Indians say same-sex marriages not accepted, finds Mood of the Nation poll

Same-sex marriages according to the Mood of the Nation, find acceptance only of one in four persons in Indian society.

Legislation and concomitant regulation are rushed in for newer forms of social relationships like same-sex marriages which, according to the MOTN, finds acceptance only of one in four persons So, while Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code is scrapped by the Supreme Court as it was out of sync with contemporary values of gender orientation and viewed as a serious overreach of criminal law, there are skewed prospects for surrogacy. Single women or men cannot opt for surrogacy, those who are in stable live in relationships, lesbians or gay couples are excluded, transgenders are out and anyone who has a child cannot opt for surrogacy unless the child suffers from a life-threatening disease.

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