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One Word: Bitch

In our column One Word, writers expound on a single word of their choosing. For this iteration, we asked Danez Smith to write about the word that underpins their poem “my bitch!” in our Spring 2019 issue. 

I can tell who’s calling me from across the room by the pitch of their . Fati goes up on the  so that it’s almost a shriek. Hieu gets a little gravelly, dark and full, as precursor to some good gossip. Blaire says it flat, matter-of-fact, like

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There was a man, let’s call him Henry VIII. There was his wife, let’s call her Anne B. Let’s give them a castle and make it nice. Let’s give her many boy babies but make them dead. Let’s give him a fussy way of being. Let’s make her smart and sneaky,
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I am named in my mother’s trustbut no one knows how to find her land. Bounded to the north by the Southern Pacific Railroad,east by the heirs of Dugas, Robichaux,west by a gravel road. How much of this do I own? View of: Property containing 25 arpent
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Her son and his future wife took Suzanne out to lunch and asked her to do the wedding invitations. Not so long ago, she had been a successful graphic designer. Her own boss. They were anxious to make her feel useful. When the food arrived, it was veg