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And The Mandalorian
New Drama NOV—12 DISNEY+ THE MANDALORIAN STEALTHILY enters the safe house. Two stormtroopers stand guard. The soldiers have become freelance mercenaries since the Empire has collapsed, their once-pristine armor now grimy with dirt. The bounty hunt
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Grey’s Anatomy
Returning Drama • Season 16 SEPT—26 • 8 pm • ABC WILL MEREDITH (ELLEN POMPEO) finally get her happily-ever-after? Though her beloved DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) remains in the pokey after taking the fall for her insurance fraud, executive producer
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This Is Us
Returning Drama Season 4 • SEPT—24 9 pm • NBC IT’S BEEN SIX MONTHS of hypothesizing and hand-wringing since This Is Us ended its third season with a future family reunion that left Rebecca (Mandy Moore) seemingly on her deathbed; Kate (Chrissy Met