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Some Ebike Myths Busted
It’s a common misconception that those who ride ebikes are unfit, lazy or cheats. None of these things are true, but let’s address the most crucial non-truth here: riding an ebike is still hard work, even if you’re fit, because the electric assistanc
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A Walking Holiday Kit
Rob’s heading to the Lake District for a two-week walking holiday next month. He’s after a weatherproof jacket, a comfy backpack, good boots and tech to help him navigate. Mark tests outdoor gear for a living as well as a passion, and has a metaphori
T32 min read
Sink Into The Small Screen
Getting lost in a movie or TV show is all about immersion, and there’s nothing more immersion-shattering than something that doesn’t look quite right – a flicker from the backlight, perhaps, or a colour that’s a little too in your face. These sorts o