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It’s a hot tub with Wi-Fi! At last! This means you can heat up the water to 40ºC and turn on the Singapore’s multiple air jets from the comfort of your phone. In no time it’ll be bubbling away, ready for you to step into and chill the hell out. £799,
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L’Imperatrice are probably Guru’s favourite band. As French as an onion baguette, super-dreamy, frosty cool indie, perfect dinnertime background or working music. Anti-recommendation time: Guru, remembering the one VHS tape his grandparents owned, sp
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Food For Thought
Our top tip? Offset excess calories by exploring destinations on foot, which becomes a lot more enjoyable when you’re wearing North Face’s hi-tech Vectiv Taraval shoes, which have a rockered mid-sole for unbeatable stability and a high-traction outso