• £4,250, uk.leica.com

Sure, we love the convenience of taking quick photos and video with our smartphones, but when it’s time to get seriously creative with photography, we believe that nothing quite beats the feel of a proper compact camera. Especially when it happens to be a Leica.

Marrying classic Leica style with the latest in imaging and hardware technology, the Q2 aims to serve up high calibre photographic firepower to maximise the impact of your shots. Inside is a bold new 47.3 megapixel full frame sensor, married to a zippy Summilux 28mm lens with 1.7 f-stop and enhanced digital zoom. Together, these should guarantee you sharp images in any light conditions.

A rapidfire autofocus system is also on hand to render your subject crystal clear within just 0.15 seconds, ensuring you’re always primed to nab that action shot. If video is more your bag than stills, the Q2 is also a full-bore 4K shooter, capable of capturing footage at 30

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