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Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant may have taken over our homes, but there’s still one area where voice assistants are lagging behind: our cars. We find this strange, because it’s also where voice control would be most useful, as picking up your phone in

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Hot In The City
A steal for the price, Topman’s merino wool polo shirt is naturally temperature regulating to keep you cooler when the mercury rises. £35, topman.com Linen-blend clothes are the only way to go during summer, and Aspesi’s shorts are the ideal partner
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Mid-range Marvels
While the mid-range TV segment typically gives you the best value for your investment, it’s also the most complicated area for TV buyers to negotiate. Mid-range models can’t give you everything like high-end TVs can, so they have to pick and choose t
T31 min readFashion & Beauty
Road Trip Essentials
Look cool behind the wheel (and shield your eyes) with these shades from Austrian eyewear designer brand, Silhouette. They’re comfortable, stylish and feature brand-new features to protect your vision, including an anti-glare coating and the brand’s