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A sex strike is not enough: women need to down tools completely | Suzanne Moore

The idea proposed last week by Alyssa Milano won’t cut it. To assert their worth, women should refuse to fulfil the unpaid labour expected by society
‘What I really like is the strike bit, not the sex bit’ ... Suzanne Moore on Alyssa Milano’s proposal. Photograph: Owen Hoffmann/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

Sex is the very least of our concerns, the last thing that has to be crossed off the to-do list. Or so I have heard from harassed women in the school playground. Yet sex is the very meaning of life, the cement that glues together every relationship, half our culture also tells us, while the remainder portrays women as a series of orifices to be penetrated.

Perhaps sex is all and none of, their problems inevitably boil down to: “I want more or less sex, or of a different kind, or with a different person from the one I am currently having sex with.”

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