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Kicking up a stink

We bought SWMBO’s (She Who Must Be Obeyed) Kawasaki Z650 C3 many moons ago in a series of rather tatty cardboard boxes.

Some parts were duplicated and some came up short, but for £150 I didn’t think we could go wrong. How many times have you heard that line?

The plan was to throw it together, get it running and think about throwing some money at it later on to pretty it up.

Age and excessive consumption of locally brewed Butcombe bitter has not aided my ability to recall accurately, but if memory serves me right, we are now on the third engine. It always seems so much easier to just buy another ‘good’ engine than go to all the time and expense of a major engine rebuild.

When the third engine wouldn’t play ball, I stripped it down to the last nut and bolt. I bead-blasted the whole engine and gearbox unit,

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