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Light celebrations

first DSLR was a silver-body Canon Rebel XT (Canon EOS 350D) with a kit lens,’ top wedding photographer Anita Cheung reveals with a chuckle. ‘The camera only had a tiny 1in LCD screen at the back! At the time I wasn’t a professional photographer; however I took it out with one of my friends and let’s just say he wasn’t too impressed!’ At the time Anita had a career in mechatronic engineering,

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Final Analysis
At school I was told to produce a project that compared the work of a famous European with that of a British person in the same field. I can’t recall how I’d come across German photographer Walter Nurnberg, but I decided to hold his portraits next to
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Why Buy Brand-new?
It’s certainly an attractive idea. The shiniest, most dazzling new trinket appears online. You heard the rumours, saw the specs and watched the slick launch video. The ads are following you around your favourite photography websites and on social med
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My first SLR came with a screw-mount 50mm f/2 lens. No kit zoom like you get these days, just a good old fixed focal-length, manual-focus 50mm. At the time I felt short-changed. It didn’t bend and stretch the world like a wideangle or magnify it like