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Ketotarian: A Refreshing Take On The Keto Diet With a (Mostly) Plant-Based Twist

Ketotarian: A Refreshing Take On The Keto Diet With a (Mostly) Plant-Based Twist by Dr. Will Cole. Photograph of an Egg-o-cado (egg plus avocado) courtesy of Will Cole
‘Egg-o-cado’, photograph courtesy of Dr. Will Cole

The Keto diet is not just for meat-eaters anymore; herewith, a (mostly) plant-based approach by a functional medicine doctor for achieving optimal wellness

As a functional medicine practitioner, I see people on a daily basis struggling through chronic health problems. It is my job to help get them to a place of thriving health. One of the most powerful tools for achieving this is through the food you eat on a daily basis. Since food has the ability to either feed disease or fuel health, it is important to choose foods that will push you toward healing rather than exacerbating your symptoms.

Over the years I have seen and heard

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