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Recipes for Self Love: Caring for Your Inner (and Outer) Feminist

Recipes for Self Love: Caring for Your Inner (and Outer) Feminist, by Alison Rachel. Illustration of two women by Alison Rachel.
All illustrations by Alison Rachel

One woman’s self-reflective journey towards self-love, in face of and against the societal norms and beliefs that kept her down

I have always had a strong distaste for injustice. The older I got and the more I learned about the world, the more I began to understand how it was in fact built upon injustice. I began investigating how the capitalist patriarchy affected me personally and how oppressive power structures played out in both my internal world and the world around me, affecting my ability to love myself. 

Having struggled in 2017 as a part of this endeavor. I began by self-publishing magazines and shortly thereafter started the  account — which within a few months had acquired tens of thousands of followers and gained incredible support and media attention.

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