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A universally designed home aims to create inclusive living spaces that make life simpler and safer for residents young or old, able-bodied or mobility-challenged. These homes are easy to enter, navigate and adapt to changing circumstances. In essence, universally designed digs serve their occupants until the end of their lives and all the stages that come before, no matter how their circumstances change.

Pavilion Lutzow Project is a case study in universal housing,

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Grand Designs Australia4 min read
The Simple Life
Ahhh, Byron… home to the Hemsworths, protector of Australia’s most easterly point and the stomping ground for this Grand Designs TV house. Modern, modest and all together marvellous, Suffolk Park House is the passion project and family home of creati
Grand Designs Australia3 min read
Natural Beauty
An impressive scale and immense presence accompany this Glen Waverley powerhouse. From ironbark screening, spotted gum bookcases and cedar eave linings to Peninsula stone and limestone brickwork, the use of natural materials such as stone and timber
Grand Designs Australia2 min read
Elliot Gorham
elliot Gorham creates furniture with the idea that “form follows function”. Keeping his unique furniture simple enough not to clutter a space, yet complex enough to engage himself and the client, Elliot’s designs play with typical styles and add a tw