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In The Ranks
Although primitive handguns had been around for centuries, something like a musket did not appear in Europe until around 1475. The arquebus was heavy, inaccurate and slow to load, but it paved the way for the musketeer to become the main players on t
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Basil The Bulgar Slayer
Byzantine Emperor Basil II is shown wearing a ceremonial costume consisting of a gold-coloured armoured corselet and armbands. The corselet is worn over an imperial purple robe. He is often depicted being crowned by angels while Christ watches over h
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Battle Famous : Turckheim
The small town of Turckheim endured a miserable experience during the Franco-Dutch War. Pillaged by French forces following the Battle of Sinzheim in 1674, it was destined to become the seat of battle again just six months later. German soldiers were