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WHEN SOMEONE in your industry has a highly successful model, the temptation must be just about irresistible to produce your own version of that bike. In fact we know it’s irresistible; take the most successful bike of recent decades, BMW’s (now 1250) GS, and you’ll see that even Harley-Davidson is creating a bike for the same market.

Let’s face it, though, shooting for the same market can also mean shooting yourself in the foot. It’s

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Australian Motorcyclist4 min read
A SONG for Europe
WHERE IS THE cradle of our civilization? For the sake of the argument I’m taking ‘our’ to mean Western civilization; no offence intended to Chinese, Japanese, Benin-ese or Aztec readers. You could argue that it was in the Fertile Crescent, currently
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INDIAN Chieftain Limited
LET’S GO WITH THE facts first. The empirical hard-torque ones, the put that in your pipe and smoke ’em ones. In the Milwaukee corner, if you opt for the new 118ci, 1923cc, 169.4Nm engine vs the Wisconsin-made Indian Thunder Stroke 116ci, 1890cc, 168N
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1976 Kawasaki Z900 A4
THE RESTORATION OF my ’76 Z900 has slowed a bit recently. The main reason for this is blowing up the engine in the FZR1000 race bike. That has taken money I’d be using for the Z900 resto. However, in the meantime I have put the new instruments togeth