JUST ABOUT EVERY ANNOUNCEMENT from top yachtbuilders in Europe these days is heralding something that’s never been done or built or tried. ¶ At Amels in the Netherlands, , the yard’s first with a slew of tech-forward features (see the sidebar below). According to the shipyard, ’s Hi Speed Cruising Hull by Dutch firm Mulder Design delivers a top speed just over 21 knots, 30 percent greater than similar-size yachts with traditional displacement hulls. ¶ And even larger than is Project Zoza, a 344-footer that recently launched at Benetti after being built to comply with the Passenger Yacht Code. The diesel-electric propulsion system, according to Burgess Technical Services, which handled the project, has enough “spare electricity” to charge 35 tons of batteries that can silently operate the yacht for 12 hours without an engine running. ¶ What will they think of next?

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