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undoubtedly comes from my Cuban roots. My mother fled her home country of Cuba at the age of nine, with her parents, three siblings, grandmother, dog, and $35. They left behind family who still live in Cuba today. There’s a spark and creative fire that radiates in the Cuban culture. So it’s unfortunate that Cuba is a controversial country to visit

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Forrest Yoga
Ana Forrest isn’t one for heady explanations. Forrest Yoga is a feeling practice: Some answers are found only by doing; talk simply can’t accomplish what breath and experience can. This doesn’t mean that Ana eschews thinking; her style of yoga is a p
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Float On
Easy tranquility and ethereal minimalism aren’t exactly what come to mind when we think of bustling Parisian streets and flea markets, yet that’s exactly where Rozalynn Woods says she and co-designer Michaela Scherrer found the inspiration for this z
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A Begin kneeling, with your buttocks resting on your heels at the back of your mat. B Touch your big toes together, and keep your knees about as wide as your shoulders. C Fold at your hips so that your torso rests on your thighs. D Reach your arms fo