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5 Poses to Calm Preflight Jitters

Find an empty-ish space near your gate and practice these postures:


Easy Pose

If you’re anxious before flying, it might be because you’re not in the moment: You’re worrying about what’s going to happen. Practice this simple seated posture to anchor you in the present and help you feel safe and calm.

HOW-TO: From a seated position, cross your legs. Place your palms down on your thighs so the heaviness of your hands can cultivate a sense of grounding. Keep your chest lifted and breathe deeply, then close your eyes and focus your attention on the feeling of the solid ground beneath you. Recite the mantra “I am safe” silently to yourself 10 times, then switch the cross of your legs and repeat.


Extended Side Angle, variation

This standing pose can strengthen your legs, revealing your innate power. The arm variation creates a feeling of being supported.

HOW-TO: Step your feet out wide and turn your right leg out. Turn your back foot in slightly. On an inhalation, reach your arms out to each side; on an exhalation, bend your front knee to 90

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