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Two down – five to go

The Northern British Bike Championship, one of the UK’s best supported classic championships, got underway with its first round ‘The Poachers Bag’ hosted by Poachers Pre-65 Classic Trials

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Classic Dirt Bike2 min read
A Bit On The Side
Hopefully plenty of readers will recall the Can-Am we did up a few years back and gave away as a prize? (back issues are available!)... well, I was so impressed with this bike that I got my own. At the time of the original project Lee Granby told me
Classic Dirt Bike4 min read
An Annoying Little Drip
Of the many things this column could be about in this issue, the drip we’re dealing with here is an oil drip. Yes, we’ve all experienced the sinking feeling when we look under our motorcycle and see a patch of oil on the garage floor. It is a feeling
Classic Dirt Bike4 min read
Project Swm Jumbo Jerry’s Jumbo
Much of the delay in finishing the SWM came from the need to sort out the rear swing arm which was, not to put too fine a point on it… knackered. These alloy units are nigh on unobtainable, so finding a better replacement was not an option. The only,