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It’s a Belgian Blitz…

Choosing material from the vast archive at the CDB head office is a monumental task, not because it’s difficult to find images to put in the magazine, but because there are so many it’s difficult to decide what to leave out. Flicking through the back issues of The MotorCycle – the publication which forms the backbone of the archive – is often the way to start.

It helps of course when the issue concerned is from 1980, an era when the editor was actually reading the paper as an enthusiast rather than a journalist and each page is a memory jogger rather than a ‘good grief, did they really do

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Classic Dirt Bike3 min read
Class At The Castle
There is little doubt that Galloway MCC’s Classic Grand National Scramble of Scotland, held on May 16-19 this year, is a popular addition to the racing calendar. With all sorts of classes for all sorts of racers, the track is laid out in view of the
Classic Dirt Bike2 min read
Bultaco Day Basingstoke
After the success of the inaugural Bultaco Day Basingstoke, hosted by Bultaco Club UK at Mike Fisher’s farm near Basingstoke, the organisers are intending to twin the event with Bultaco Day Bassella in Spain for future years. The weather played fair
Classic Dirt Bike3 min read
Flights Of Fancy
Back for a gallop – or perhaps a hack would be more appropriate for a cynical old journo – on that old hobby horse the Scottish Pre-65 no less, and the never ending debate over eligibility. Only with a twist this time, the question being one of rider