The extensive variety of canopies available on the market for most double cabs, single cabs and super cabs makes choosing the most suitable canopy not as simple as finding one that fits. Before diving in and purchasing a canopy from Honest Eddy’s Budget Canopy Emporium or

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As an avid reader of SA4x4, I sometimes wonder at how nit-picky some people can be. I refer to the article in the Forum of the February edition, titled “Bakkie Oversights” on page 6. One sometimes has mishaps that you cannot avoid. For argument’s sak
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Downsizing And Why It’s The Future
We all love the sound of an old Rover V8 or the scream of a four-litre Lexus-powered Cruiser blasting up a dune. These large capacity eight-cylinder drinkers sure are good to hear and even better to drive – if you’re not paying the fuel bill. Nowaday
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The fully-revised, new edition of Steve Woodhall’s Field Guide to Butterflies of South Africa features all of South Africa’s 671 butterfly species. 11 new species have been included, along with the most recent taxonomic changes based on DNA studies.