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It’s fascinating what a name imbues. I’ve not been tempted to join a motoring club (I’m not mechanically minded and I’m a terrible driver) yet I’ve sometimes wondered how MG drivers’ clubs face the future. For those who didn’t realise, the MG

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Audio Technology2 min read
Experimental Control
“How many pieces of information does someone have to give you in order to determine the nature of a car?” Storyk asked. “0-60mlph time? Braking distance? Number of doors? Horsepower of the engine?” It turns out you need quite a few. It’s the same wit
Audio Technology1 min read
The Sound Of Jazz
One of WSDG’s most prominent commissions was its work for Jazz at Lincoln Centre (JALC). The organisation had two firms in mind for the development — Russell Johnson’s (“a brilliant acoustician who knew more about large halls”) Artec, and WSDG — but
Audio Technology4 min read
PC Audio
It always makes sense to keep plenty of free disk space on your drives, to provide working space and buffers. However, now that so many of us are relying on much smaller solid state drives to host Windows, it’s much easier to fill them up without rea