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In Issue 17 of AudioTechnology I wrote an article called ‘Engineer, Promote Thyself!’, discussing strategies for promoting your audio skills and services. For perspective, Issue 17 hit the streets in late 2000; that’s about two years after Google was unleashed as a search engine, four years before Facebook and YouTube arrived on the screen, and seven years before the first iPhone was announced — all of which have collectively defined what we now call ‘social media’.

A lot has changed since AT17. It’s a very different world that offers new ways of working while demanding new ways of thinking. You’re currently reading AT133,and what is when doing audio business in 2019.

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Audio Technology8 min read
I began my foray in audio on a Boss BR-900CD recorder. It had nine faders, two inputs, a bright orange screen and a scroll wheel. Many a memorable tune was produced on that little box, despite its limitations in comparison to what I’m now used to wit
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General News
$720 | Audient’s Nero is a desktop monitor controller offering a comprehensive range of I/O, console-style monitor control, an assignable sub output, ‘Digital Attenuation Volume Matching’ and more. Four stereo analogue inputs, includi
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Skills To Pay The Bills
With sole traders making up a whopping 61 percent of Australian businesses, it’s little wonder that resources, information and assistance for small enterprises are abundant. Plug ‘small business podcast’ into a search engine and you’ll be overwhelmed