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Game of Thrones Is Over. Now What About the Books?

George R. R. Martin insists that the final entries in his fantasy series are still coming—even though HBO has finished telling his story first.
Source: Matt Sayles / Invision / AP

This story contains spoilers for the final season of Game of Thrones.

For many years, George R. R. Martin has been repeatedly asked the morbid question of what would happen if he were to die before finishing his A Songseries. Since 1996, when the first entry, , was published, Martin has written five novels as well as several spin-off stories. But his progress has slowed to the point where HBO’s TV adaptation aired eight seasons and before Martin has finished his penultimate work, the long-awaited . The huge success of HBO’s brought more fans to Martin’s writing, which in turn has only added to the about his creative pace.

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