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Letters: ‘I Had Minestrone Soup for Breakfast’

Readers discuss what they like to eat for their first meal of the day.
Source: Todd Korol / Reuters

I Broke Breakfast

The American conception of breakfast is unnecessarily stringent, Amanda Mull argued last week: “There’s no good reason you can’t eat a chicken-parmesan hoagie for breakfast.”

The German beer soup Amanda Mull references as a regular on German breakfast tables after the Protestant Reformation is delicious and highly nutritious, and keeps you going all day. However it takes quite some time to prepare. Try this old recipe from 1800, which is really easy to cook:

1 liter of beer (thin, alcohol free, wheat, dark, blond, more or less hopped—whichever is at hand) 1/4 liter of (rather dry) white wine 3 egg yolks Cinnamon Sugar Butter 4 tablespoons sour cream 2 bread rolls (white toast with a crust will do)

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