Who's On NPR?

Distinguishing whether content comes from NPR or others is not always easy. Here's a quick guide.
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello's perform their classic "Who's on First" routine. Source: Bettmann

An email from a reader or listener to this office can quickly turn into an Abbott and Costello routine: Who reported the story on what platform? Where? When? And how can audience members provide feedback? The editorial uncertainty stems from confusion over which content is produced by NPR, which comes from other producers and how to contact those who have power over editorial decision-making.

The majority of emails this office receives comes from listeners tuning in to NPR programming on traditional radio platforms. To clarify how listeners and readers can give editorial feedback, we put together an explanation of who does what in NPR's corner of the public media world.

What is NPR?

NPR is a national news organization that produces its own content, which airs on a network of

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