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Wedded Blitz
TO SAY THE WEDDING CELEBRATION OF S.W.A.T.’s DAVID LIM AND model Marketa Kazdova was epic is an understatement. Their first stop? The Czech Republic, Kazdova’s home country, where they wed in a hilltop vineyard overlooking Prague. “The vineyard is ri
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His constant good cheer, insatiable need to meet people, and natural tenacity all make him perfectly suited to help people find outstanding values on insurance. In fact, the GEICO Gecko explains it best himself. A talking gecko? Why? I’ll tell you wh
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Date Nights
REMEMBER HOW IT USED to be? Your show was on at whatever-o-clock, and that meant an entire to-do list to be checked off by whatever-o-clock minus one second. I’ve been a fan of appointment television since my older sister and I would finish our homew